Event Tracking

Yozio provides attribution results for key app growth and engagement events. These events can be ones that occur before an app has been installed, such as a click, the install itself, or events after install, like a deep link or purchase. Complete and accurate attribution enables you to understand the impact of your media, campaigns or experiments on user LTV, calculate ROI, and ultimately drive growth.

For the events you track, Yozio will provide various reports and dashboard for you. Using these you may report attribution results in various ways you might want - such as by campaigns, channels, countries, content, UTM, SEO, link, etc.

You can also export attribution results in a number of ways.

Trackable Events

Here are some events you can track with Yozio:

  • Impression
  • Click
  • Install
  • Deep link
  • Custom downstream event(s), which can be anything you'd like (ie purchase, fight_orc, invite)

You can learn more about these events below.

To track some events all you need is a Yozio SuperLink; to track others you'll need to integrate our SDK.


One impression means one view of a Yozio SuperLink. With impressions, you can calculate the click-through-rate (CTR), which measures the percentage of users who click the SuperLink amongst all users who view your SuperLink.

For each SuperLink you create you’ll get an impression pixel. By placing the pixel within your content the impression of the SuperLink will be tracked. Learn more about impression tracking.


A click measures a click on a Yozio SuperLink. A click is the easiest event to track; simply publish the SuperLink anywhere you wish to track clicks. That could be to your website, email, SMS, your app(s) or anywhere a regular link can be placed.

When combined with additional data that you can track with Yozio, such as impressions, installs and downstream (post-install) events, you can gain a complete understanding of the performance of your campaigns and content.


An install measures the first time an app is opened after installation following a click on a Yozio SuperLink with that device. Tracking installs requires that you integrate with the Yozio SDK and setup install tracking.

A deep link measures a resulting app launch by a Yozio SuperLink which has been configured to launch the app on a device which has the app installed. SDK integration isn't required for launching apps on devices where the app is installed. However, you'll want to track deep links to measure the effectiveness of your re-engagement and retargeting campaigns, and for that, you'll need to integrate the Yozio SDK and set up deep link tracking.


Downstream events are events that occur in-app. In order to determine what media, channels, campaigns, etc. are the most effective at driving revenue you'll need to setup downstream attribution. Downstream attribution allows you to measure how in-app events are impacted by your experiments, calculate your ROI, and optimize for growth.

With Yozio you can define and track as many downstream events as you'd like.


Custom downstream events are 100% custom! You define everything about your custom events - from the name to what specific user actions define the event as having occurred. When you tell us the event has occurred (by firing the event's corresponding tracking pixel) we'll do the hard work of reporting a tracked event if the user engagement corresponded with a SuperLink interaction (install or deep link).

We've purposely kept our custom downstream event system flexible so that it can fit the needs of your unique business, but that also means you'll need to spend some time planning and defining these events.

You can learn more about setting up custom downstream events to track here.

Payment and Signup

Payment and Signup are two of the most popular custom event names we see registered with our system. Thus, we've added these two custom event names for all registered apps. While the name of these events is defined, you control what in-app events should trigger a call to Yozio saying the event has occurred. You can learn more about custom downstream events here.

Attribution Model

Yozio reports attribution based upon a last touch attribution model. This means that Yozio attributes tracked event conversions to the last SuperLink the user interacted with before the conversion took place.