Universal Redirector

Unlike the traditional HTTP hyperlink, a Yozio SuperLink is powered by Yozio Universal Redirector. The Universal Redirector makes it easy for you to use just one SuperLink to drive growth and engagement for all your users across all marketing technologies. You can take each user to your desired destination based upon their device type, platform, and whether or not they have your app installed.

How It Works

For various conditions you can specify where you'd like Yozio to take a user. Then, when a user clicks on the SuperLink and meets those conditions Yozio's Universal Redirector will route the user to the destination you have specified.

You can setup default redirect settings for your app. The redirect settings of new SuperLinks you create will automatically have the default redirect settings.

You can override default redirect settings for any particular SuperLink when you create or edit the SuperLink.

It's okay to change these settings on the fly: Make adjustments for campaign maintenance, experiments, or in response to emergencies. Redirect settings are stored on the Yozio Cloud, and the changes will take effect in real-time.

Learn how to setup your default redirect settings here.

Supported Destinations

The destination you specify for each condition can be any URL you'd like- from app store URLs to website URLs to deep link URLs. Use this flexibility to optimize the performance of your campaigns for customers in various parts of their lifecycle. Yozio will make sure each user gets the target you've specified given their device, platform and app install status.

Desktop / Fallback

Yozio will redirect users to this URL if the user's device is not supported, you have chosen not to configure a redirect for the users supported device type, or if they are on a desktop. For example, a user will be redirected to this URL if they click a Yozio SuperLink from a desktop or Blackberry device.

Yozio requires all apps to configure an app level Desktop/Fallback redirect destination URL. This is because the Desktop/Fallback redirect URL is the global fallback URL Yozio will use should no other redirect be specified for the device type.

iOS and Android

Yozio supports multiple redirect URL options for iOS and Android devices based upon different conditions and options. You can manage and configure settings for iPhone/iPod, iPad, and Android devices separately. Redirect conditions include:

  • Whether or not you tell Yozio you have an app for this device type (fallback or custom URL)
  • Where you would like to send users Yozio detects already have your app (deep link or custom URL)
  • Where you wish to send users Yozio detects do not have your app (store or custom URL)

Windows Phone

You can specify a URL for Yozio to direct any of your Windows Phone users to.