Yozio SDK v1.1.12 Changelog (iOS)

Yozio iOS SDK v1.1.12 is now available for integration and includes the below changes from the previous version (v1.1.11).

If you are upgrading from v1.1.11: There are no changes to integration and feature configuration steps for v1.1.12. There is no code change needed (unless you wish to configure additional features- such as deep link tracking). Simply replace the .a file.

New Feature

  • Deep link drill down metrics
    • Only tracks deep links which originated via Yozio links
    • Provides better downstream event tracking to distinguish downstream event conversions generated via a deep link launch or regular launch
    • Persists deep link metadata locally


  • Encoding/decoding bug fix
    • If metadata key or value contains "+", it will be decoded as " " according to RCF
    • If the metadata value contains "&", event posted to SDK may fail

iOS compatibility

  • iOS 9 (beta 4) & Xcode 7 (beta 2) compatible
  • Minimal OS support increased from iOS 5.0 to iOS 6.0