Yozio SDK v1.1.13 Changelog (iOS)

Yozio iOS SDK v1.1.13 is now available for integration and includes the below changes from the previous version (v1.1.12).

If you are upgrading from v1.1.12: There are no changes to integration and feature configuration steps for v1.1.13. There is no code change needed (unless you wish to configure additional features- such as deep link tracking). Simply replace the .a file.

V1.1.13 is released solely to be compatible with Xcode 7 beta. If you use v1.1.12 or older, you may see the following warning messages while building your iOS project with Yozio SDK using Xcode 7 and using DWARF with dYSM as the Debug Information Format:

while processing /Users/xyz/code/iOS/Vendor/Yozio/libYozio.a(YozioConfigs.o):

warning: /var/folders/22/cjcxvdws78jdjzc49z5cz_6c0000gp/C/com.apple.DeveloperTools/7.0-7A165t/Xcode/SharedPrecompiledHeaders/Yozio-Prefix-bgxquebzxakjseboknwphxayyfsc/Yozio-Prefix.pch.pch: No such file or directory