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In addition to self-service options Yozio Enterprise-level plans include support and customer success- our on demand growth advisors. Registered Yozio users of apps on our Free-level plan have access to self-serve support. Should registered Yozio users of apps on Free-level plans contact us we will provide response with our best effort.

Contact Us Options

If you are a registered user of Yozio and experience an issue or have any questions related to our products, features, or services, you can report a “case” to Yozio Support in the following ways.

  • Support Center. When logged in to the Yozio Support Center (Yozio Console > Support > My Cases > Create a New Case) all registered user of Yozio can:
    • Report a “case” to Yozio Support
    • Send us more information by additional additional correspondences to your existing cases
    • Check on the status of your open cases
    • View all resolved cases
  • Live Chat. During business hours you can chat live with a Yozio Support Engineer from within the Yozio Console. Login to the Yozio Console > Open the chat window persisting at the bottom of your screen. If a Yozio agent is not available, any message entered in the chat window will automatically report a case.
  • Email. All registered users of Yozio can report a case to Yozio Support via Email. Just send your email to [email protected]. Apps on Enterprise-level support plans may also directly email their Dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Tips to Expedite Your Case

Our goal is to resolve any case you create with us as quickly and efficiently as possible. Providing us with the right information when you create the case can help us expedite this process and save you time.

If you are reporting a problem, replicating the reported issue is our first step in technical troubleshooting. The following list shows the types of questions you’ll need to answer to enable our support engineering team to efficiently attempt to replicate your issue so we may further investigate and resolve.

  • Is this problem occurring in production or development environments?
  • When did the problem occur (ie ongoing starting today at 12:00 EST)?
  • Is this problem related to new install or deep link?
  • What is the URL of the SuperLink you interacted with when the problem occurred?
  • Where was the SuperLink placed when the problem occurred (ie Banner at, Facebook feed)?
  • What browser and browser version were you utilizing (ie Chrome v46)?
  • What version of OS is affected (ie iOS v8.3)?
  • What version of the Yozio SDK is currently integrated with impacted devices (ie v1.1.13)?
  • Can you easily replicate this issue and if so how?

Registered Users (Support) List

All registered users are on an app’s “Support List.” Users on the Support List may report cases to Yozio. It is the your responsibility to keep this list current with all designated contacts. You can manage this list in the Yozio Console > Settings > Team Members.

Hours of Operation

Our Support Engineering team is available from 8:30 AM to 5 PM PDT, excluding weekends and holidays. After-hours, weekends and holidays our team of engineers monitors Yozio systems and provides on call support for customers on Enterprise-level support plans. We work with businesses around the world and ensure enterprise-level reliability 24x7.