Self-Serve Help Resources

All registered users of Yozio have access to online help resources. These include our online Doc Site at, access to the Yozio Support Center at, and an iOS and Android version of the Yozio Sample App.

Online Documentation

This Yozio Doc Site is the home for all Yozio documentation and includes a search feature which will search content across both the Yozio Doc Site and the Yozio Support Center.

Support Center

The Yozio Support Center has many self-serve resources. From the Support Center you can view and search general information, search for answers to common questions, and, if logged in to your Yozio Console account, manage support requests, communicate and connect with other registered Yozio users in the public questions forum.

Sample Apps

Yozio provides an iOS and Android version of the Yozio Sample App so you can see real code examples. You can access these anytime at Yozio Console > SDK