Sublinks - Transactional short URLs

A Yozio sublink is designed for adding transactional, content, or user specific metadata to a SuperLink and getting a new unique short URL returned for that instance. A sublink may be used for a one-time purpose or at a very granular level such as a sublink for every picture on a mobile website or email campaign. Yozio automatically rolls up all stats of sublinks to it's base SuperLink. Thus, sublinks may also be leveraged to keep your dashboard data grouped and easier to analyze.

For example, you can create a SuperLink for your upcoming "Spring Break" promotion then create individual Sublinks as one-time-use coupon codes. When an end user clicks a sublink to claim a reward, you can add the sublink to your internal blacklist table to prevent people from forwarding or sharing it online.

A sublink and can be assign a unique link alias (such as /john-smith) and may be created and managed via the Yozio sublink APIs.

The Yozio sublink APIs support the following functions: Create, Update, Get