SuperLink Overview

Yozio links are called SuperLinks. When running campaigns with the Yozio Growth Platform you’ll create a Yozio SuperLink for a particular campaign use case or experiment and then publish this SuperLink for users to interact with. Through the configuration of the SuperLink you’ll be able to control the appearance of the SuperLink URL, the conditional routing of users, associated metadata (information) with user interactions with the SuperLink, and how attribution results are displayed on various Yozio Analytics Dashboards.

This document will provide an overview of how to create and manage your Yozio SuperLinks and cover various topics associated with SuperLink features and configuration options.

Depending on your use case, how deeply you’d like to measure the performance of your campaign use case, and how much you’d like reduce conversion friction for your users - you may also need to integrate with the Yozio SDKs in order to set up additional features such as tracking (install, deeplink, and other custom event conversions) and callback methods to retrieve the metadata you associate to the SuperLink.