Link Alias

When you create a Yozio link Yozio will automatically assign a default short link ending, ie jM.c.dZ. If you have setup a custom domain you may change the link ending to a custom ending such as save-middle-earth. This is called a link alias.

Prerequisites: Custom Domain

There are a few methods for assigning a link alias to a particular Yozio SuperLink: Yozio Console or API.

If you are using the Yozio Sublinks APIs you may assign and modify a Sublink link alias via the Sublink APIs.

Step 1: Ensure all prerequisites have been met

Step 2: Navigate to the Link Alias section in the New Organic Link or Edit Organic Link page

While in the New Organic SuperLink or Edit Organic SuperLink page scroll to Link Alias.

Step 3: Enter your desired link alias and modify link alias settings as desired

Enter your desired link alias into the link alias text box, using only letters, numbers, underscore (_) and dash (-) to name your alias.

Check Reassign old alias to this link to associate a link alias already in use with another SuperLink to your current SuperLink instead.

Check Disable original short URL to disable the default link ending. By default, when you create a link alias for a SuperLink both the default link ending, ie wP.c.c and your custom link alias, ie save-middle-earth will work.

Step 4: Update Link

When you have completed any other configurations scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update Link.

As always, ensure all prerequisites have been met.

Then, via the SuperLink APIs you may assign and manage the link aliases for your SuperLinks and via the Sublink APIs you may assign and manage the link aliases for your Sublinks.

Please refer to the provided links for details on how to use these APIs.

Why am I getting an error message when trying to save a SuperLink with my link alias? If the link alias you are assigning is already in use you will get an error message.