Integrating the iOS SDK

We’ve worked hard to make our SDK lean and compact, with minimal weight in your app. Integrating is as simple as downloading the SDK and adding the libraries to your project.

SDK Location

The Yozio SDKs can be downloaded from the Yozio Console. Go to Yozio Console > SDK to find our SDKs available for download. You can also find our sample apps here, which will provide code snippets that demonstrate various features Yozio provides.

Adding the Yozio Library

Find our cocoapod here!

If you prefer to add the SDK directly, simply download the Yozio iOS SDK files, and unzip the resulting file. Open your project in Xcode, click File > select add Files to (your project).... On the menu, find the Yozio directory you unzipped from the zip file and add the 3 items in the directory: headers (directory), libYozio.a and YozioDefaults.plist

Anywhere you use a Yozio function, add the library

#import "Yozio.h"