Yozio Mobile Growth API - Android

The Yozio Mobile Growth API gives you all the features of the Yozio platform, without the need to integrate an SDK, including:

  • Install tracking and attribution
  • Install data passing (e.g. deferred deep linking, personalized onboarding, referrals, auto login, and other personalized user flows)
  • Deep linking
  • Deep link data passing
  • Downstream event tracking (e.g. deep links, purchases, other conversions)

With the Mobile Growth API, you have complete control of every line of code in your app and can change anything by yourself. As a result, you can make calls only when you judge most appropriate and handle every edge case.

This flexibility allows you to use Yozio’s capabilities in many new environments that, in the past, may have been restricted by the need of SDKs. For example, The Mobile Growth API works seamlessly with any third-party app development platform such as Xamarin, Cordova, or Unity.

That way, you’re not constrained only to those SDK providers who have a dedicated SDK for your platform, or hampered by how much time those providers choose to spend developing that SDK’s functionality. With the Mobile Growth API, you always have the latest version.

API Reference

Find the API Reference doc here! Use this reference to see the full list of endpoints, parameters and methods that make up the Mobile Growth API.