Event Track API


(GET) https://api.yozio.com/v2.0/?method=event.track


Required Parameters

Name Description Example
app_key Log in Yozio Console, click "SDK" on the left sidebar and App Key is available at that page. 99e90a1a-f07a-42db-926d-0be333b726c6
secret_key Log in Yozio Console, click “SDK” on the left sidebar and Secret Key is available at that page. 4a532adf-aca3-4935-bec5-529376796650
event_name The name of the event, as registered in the Yozio Console deeplink
short_url the short url that identifies Yozio SuperLinks. F.c.c
os The operating system of the device. It will use user agent os if not provided android

Optional Parameters

Name Description Example
properties dictionary containing metadata, which can be viewed later when using the data export features. properties[country] = US
event_timestamp The timestamp of the event. It will use user agent timestamp (server timestamp, or the time when the event hits our servers) if not provided 1454974771846
event_value The numerical value of the event, for example a payment value 234
Name Description Example
is_ad_tracking_enabled Boolean value to check if the app enables the Advertising Tracking 1
idfa Apple’s Advertising Identifier 38BE16EE-784D-44C2-A5DF-869015DEAB2B

JSON Response

API call succeeds and event is posted
    "status": "ok",
API call fails
    "status": "error",
    "message": "[error message]" // format of error msg may change